2011-2012 Weight Loss

Mr. & Mrs. Pina with 200 pounds lost together!!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Pina with 200 pounds lost together!!!!!

Dec. 25, 2012 - Jen weight loss 108+lbs, Adrian 92+lbs!

Dec. 25, 2012 – Jen weight loss 108+lbs, Adrian 92+lbs!

Saturday, Oct. 27th 2012 I was honored in our Weight Watchers
meeting for losing 103.1 pounds! Horray!!!!

August 2012 with 85 pounds each lost!

July 4th 2012 this was our very first 5K with about 80 pounds each lost!

Adrian’s Seminary Graduation Party May 2012 with 75 pounds each lost!

Guest Speakers at a Weight Watchers Grand Opening April 2012 with 60 pounds each lost!

Christmas Day 2011 with 30 pounds each lost!

This photo was taken during August 2011 the month that we began our journey to getting healthy.

Photo taken the year before we started our journey during the Thanksgiving Holiday in 2010

7 thoughts on “2011-2012 Weight Loss

  1. Tammy Holbert says:

    It is so hard for me to see you guys any other way than skinny, handsome and gorgeous! SOOOOO very proud of you both and love that God allowed our paths to cross. You both are an immense blessing in our lives!

  2. Nikia Gonsalves says:

    Im so happy for the both of you. Such a blessed family. God couldnt have placed a more perfect inspiring loving couple than the two of you together. You are an inspiration to all i miss and love you both. Keep me and the family in your prays. I couldnt be any happier for the way your life obstacles have been accomplished and to watch you exceed and conquer them all. Stay blessed and remain that positive inspiration for all you come in contact with. God bless you and yours.

  3. Embrace of Splendor says:

    My sweet Jen Pen, Wow- How beautiful you are at any weight !!!! I love you two so very much and am so very proud of you. You radiate love and kindness in every picture. There is truly no one nor will there ever be anyone like you Jennifer and Adrian. You are God’s crowning Glory.
    The apple of God’s eye. May His blessings of Love, Joy and Peace always fill your hearts. And
    may His Grace enable you to run the race- taking the prize- looking always unto Jesus the author and finisher of your Faith. Aunt kk just catching up to this blogging world. sorry love.

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