The Power & Beauty of Silence & Stillness

The Power & Beauty WEB

There is a song by Israel & Meleasa Houghton called “To Worship You I Live” that I absolute love. The song begins with these beautiful lyrics:

“Away, away from the noise, Alone with you
Away, away to hear your voice, And meet with you
Nothing else matters, my one desire is

To worship you, I live
To worship you, I live, I live To worship you”

Away, away from the noise…each time I hear that I line I exhale deeply. I totally relate to the need to unplug from the noise of life and enter into His presence. To be alone with Him where truly NOTHING else matters.

Adrian and I were invited to attend a conference last year while in the throes of a difficult season of ministry. With the demands of our busy lives it wasn’t an ideal time for a getaway but it was equally the most needed time. The conference title caught our eyes, The Emotionally Healthy Leaders Conference, the Lord confirmed and we were on our way.

As we settled in at our table and the workshop began, the speaker asked us to close our eyes and sit in silence & stillness for two minutes. As we began, he directed us to take a few long deep breaths and shared that as our minds wander it helps to repeat a short phrase, like “here I am Lord” to refocus our minds on Christ. WOW! It was powerful. I don’t know about everyone else but my mind was OUT. OF. CONTROL with worry, anger, resentments, & responsibilities. To sit still for two whole minutes felt like a million years. I could barely go 10 seconds without redirecting my thoughts back to Christ. In my silence & stillness all of these emotions came flooding in and my eyes welled with tears. It’s incredible how much God accomplished in my heart through that two minute exercise. The speaker then read scripture, a short devotional & prayer, and concluded with another two minutes of silence & stillness before God.

I can honestly say that experience was very transformative for my husband and I. Since that time we are learning to incorporate silence & stillness into our everyday lives. God is doing a deep work in our hearts and we are consciously aware of and value times of silence & stillness before God.

It is in silence that I make room to hear God speak.

It is in stillness that I regain perspective.

It is in silence that I surrender control.

It is in stillness that I refuel.

It is in silence that I receive HIS love, healing, forgiveness, & hope.

It is in stillness that I receive HIS peace, strength, & comfort.

I want you to pause for a moment and think about the last time you sat perfectly still in complete silence. Why not take 60 seconds and do it now. Take a few deep breaths, exhaling the worries & stress you are carrying, inhaling the hope & peace of God. Didn’t that feel incredible!! The pace of our lives is never ending, go. goo. gooo. GO! Join me and welcome the “ancient & revolutionary discipline” of silence & stillness into your lives. We are using this awesome devotional  written by Peter Scazzero and produced by Emotionally Healthy Spirituality who created the conference we attended. Or add a few minutes of silence & stillness, turning your heart to Christ throughout the day. I promise you will not be the same! Let’s step away from the noise together friends & listen to hear God speak. There is power & beauty in silence & stillness. God is so faithful!

I’d love to hear your experience with this spiritual discipline. Comment below & share how you were impacted by God in moments of silence & stillness.

Interested in the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day by Day (devotional I reference above that we are using daily? Check out this link EHS Day by Day.

Interested in the Emotionally Healthy Spiritually or Leader Courses? Check out their website at

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