What Message Does My Life Speak?

What Message Does My Life Speak? – March 3, 2012

Have you ever heard the expression “Live Out Loud”? The phrase is in a popular song and my interpretation is that our actions transmit a message. This concept has been transformed in my mind lately. I’ve never really sat down to think about how my life affects other people. I’ve definitely never functioned with a belief that I lived in an island all on my own or anything but as we have continued on this journey I am enlightened by the reality that how I live, good or bad, sends a message.

Up until this point I have been very content with the message my life sends to the world around me. My life resume speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

I am the child of wonderful and respectable parents who absolutely love me unconditionally. I have had the honor of having my life deeply impacted by not ONE but TWO sets of amazing and God fearing grandparents. I have a husband who is brilliant, handsome, absolutely adores me even after almost 7 crazy years together, and most importantly loves God with all his heart, soul, and mind. I have a wonderful & supportive extended family and friends. I could go on and explain all my academic and professional accomplishments but I think you get the point right? At the onset I am an outstanding citizen, from a good family, in a healthy relationship, educated, loved, and a productive contributor to society. Right?

Wrong! The reality is that the message that my life sends goes a lot deeper than all of that. As I journey further down this path of getting healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually I am humbled and horrified to look back and see some of the areas that my actions fell short of God’s glory. My obsession with food, gluttony, and obesity showed the world that my true worship was not 100% completely to the God I claimed to serve. My heart was divided between the physical desires that constantly scratched at my mind and my love for God. The message of my actions didn’t match my word! In retrospect I can see how my co-workers, friends, associates, even neighbors could probably see just by looking at me something that I was oblivious to. I have a problem with food! So rather than 100% of my life message pointing people to the Christ that I follow, the loudest message of my life was “Food is my god”!

Please hear me on this; I am in NO WAY stating that Christ followers have to be perfect in every area of their lives. I’m a firm believer that we are all a work in progress and no one will ever be perfect. However, when we live in such a way that our actions are blatantly in conflict with our words….well let’s just say there is a problem that must be addressed!

When I started this blog it never occurred to me that I would inspire others. It is a humbling reality that only God can get the credit for. Did you know that part of my new identity is a “regular” at the gym, oh yeah that’s what they call me, these strangers who walk up and tell me that I inspire them by how hard I’m working. Seriously only the grace of God can cause that kind of authentic transformation in my life and yours! I am daily in awe of how God has been using our journey to touch the lives and hearts of other people. It has been amazing the numbers of people from friends to complete strangers that email, stop us at the gym, talk to us at our WW meetings, and message us that express gratitude and encouragement from our New life message. I thank God for the opportunity to point people to Jesus on daily basis. God ALWAYS has a plan for our pain and struggles and when we are faithful to Him, He truly will bring something for the good out of it. It reminds me again and again that our daily lives speak a message to everyone around us. I thank God that He alone is transforming the message of my daily life to give Him glory! My new prayer is that I may live a life both outwardly and inwardly that honors God each day!

Questions for you to ponder…

1. What message does your life speak to the world around you?

2. What areas of your life message are you challenged to change?

3. What is the first step for that change?

4. How have you seen God use a struggle for good in your life?

5. How would you like God to use your current struggle?

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